Wow! I’m in the Library!

I know I sound like an overexcited kid, but WOW!  Multnomah County Library, (Portland, OR), has my book on order! It’s way cool. I really wish my mother and father were alive to see this.

I may not have shot out of the gate with Secrets, Lies and Champagne Highs  but I finally feel like some momentum is building. I may never make much money on this one. That’s not the main point. Finishing a book, getting it published and read, and in the end, having people tell me how much they like the book, that’s the BIG deal.

Have you had time to listen to my interview with Ed Goldberg on All Classical? Go to, click on Programs and scroll down to Author Author. I didn’t say the “f” word once. I’m so proud.

My second “Claudie” book, Chasing Nathan, is being edited now and I’ve begun working on book 3, Chasing Dani.  I actually think I’m getting the hang of this writing thing.

Powell’s Books has the book on order too, and Amy Bloom’s will special order it. I even sold 5 copies to the Camp Sherman Store when I went camping last week. You can get the KOBO version at Jan’s Paperbacks. 


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Jeanette Hubbard

The path to where I am now, a writer at last, has been long and convoluted. All good paths should be. It can give you so many interesting things to write about. Marriages, divorces, stupid jobs, rewarding jobs, good dogs, bad cats, lush gardens, scenic rivers, and friends. All that and a wild imagination helps me develop my stories and characters.

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  1. Jeanette. Don’t know if u remember me but was so pleased to hear about your writing and getting published. Judy Powell our mutual friend shared your book Secrets Lies and Champagne Highs. Loved it!!! Great read! Waiting for your next book to become available. God bless u as your new career takes off. Sincerely. Beryl Fletcher

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